Show #195 Saturday, Nov 29, 2014 Listen on SoundCloud

Joe Kay continues the freestyle of all music.

Last week’s show was definitely one of my favorites to date. It’s weird how things work. It’s the shows that I feel most unprepared for that end up doing well… maybe it’s because I just really freestyle and go off of my whole library of music rather than trying to curate a specific vibe. It was hard to top last week’s show but I did my best to really take it right back to the early beat era from 2008-2012 and played some current gems as well. I hope you enjoy this. I’ll be back next week with a guest maybe.


Thanks to true listener^^ for supplying this tracklist.

Playing 78 tracks

Joe Kay's Set
7 SZA Sobriety
9 T-Pain – NPR’s “Tiny Desk Session”
43 XED Ride (ft. Lodiac)
50 ZAPP Computer Love
54 UGK International Players Anthem (Instrumental)
60 Moods- Flashback
63 duncan gerow D'Angelo + Timbaland = Brown Sugar
69 IAMNOBODI BDKMV Refix feat. The Clubcasa Chamber Orchestra
72 HXNS player
78 Evil Needle – So Fly