Joe kay getting you ready for SXSW.

As we are getting ready for SXSW we wanted to get you in the spirit. Joe Kay went solo again to keep things simple and focused. He kicked it off with the new Carmack/Esta collab, played some new discoveries/unreleased gems, and then switched up the whole format by letting the live listener selects the music by sending us our requests via our social media networks. What a beautiful thing! For over 2 hours, you had the chance to selects the music, Joe was just the provider! What a great way to collaborate right? Since we will be at SXSW from (March 11-16) there won’t be a live Soulection Radio show next week, however, we do have a special guest mix to make up for it. Stay tuned.

Thanks to true listener^^ for supplying this tracklist.

Playing 92 tracks

Joe Kay's Set