Show #167 Saturday, Mar 1, 2014 Listen on SoundCloud

Take a deep breath and slow things down with Joe Kay

So many good things have been going on in our world but sometimes it is overwhelming. However we just take a deep breath and keep it moving. This week Joe Kay wanted to slow things down a bit and just focus on the music by going solo. Joe started off with some nice neo-soul/Dilla-esque vibes and then progressed into some progressive beats to get your energy flowing. Standout artists to look out for are LOSCO. These guys have a heavy, heavy sound. Just wait til you hear. As the show progressed the engagement via social media was massive and a few people randomly requested to hear a Sango tribute so we did one! Joe dropped a 42 minute set of primarily unreleased music to keep things interesting! We hope you enjoy the show and feel free to spread it to as many people as possible. Real radio is here.

Thanks to true listener^^ for supplying this tracklist.

Playing 84 tracks across 3 sets