Show #432
Show #432 Saturday, Nov 2, 2019

Joe showcases music from emerging artists like Jayla Darden, Durand Jones, Reon Vangèr and more.

Playing 53 tracks

Show #431
Show #431 Saturday, Oct 26, 2019

Joe is back home in Los Angeles after a 3-week journey with new music from XaverOmar & Sango, Frank Ocean and D Smoke.

Playing 57 tracks

Show #430 w/The Engine
Show #430 w/The Engine Saturday, Oct 19, 2019

Nigerian artist The Engine joins Joe for an in-depth interview.

Playing 49 tracks across 2 sets with an interview

Show #429
Show #429 Saturday, Oct 12, 2019

Joe showcases the diverse sounds he discovered on his trek from South Africa to London.

Playing 55 tracks

Show #428
Show #428 Saturday, Oct 5, 2019

Joe is live from Cape Town to bring you a collaboration of internation sounds plus a tribute to the one & only Sango.

Playing 65 tracks

Show #427
Show #427 Saturday, Sep 28, 2019

Music inspired from the Joe Kay experiance USA tour. “Intimate 4 hour shows just are not enough”

Playing 65 tracks

Show #426
Show #426 Saturday, Sep 21, 2019

Joe Kay is back with an eclectic mix inspired by his recent trip to Joshua Tree.

Playing 59 tracks

Show #425 w/Mansur Brown
Show #425 w/Mansur Brown Saturday, Sep 14, 2019

Mansur brown is today’s special guest on Soulection Radio. London sessions comes to an end and Mansur Brown came to deliver

Playing 51 tracks across 2 sets

Show #424 w/ROMderful
Show #424 w/ROMderful Saturday, Sep 7, 2019

ROMderful comes to the London Beats1 studio to drop a exclusive mix and interview during the Soulection London Sessions.

Playing 63 tracks

Show #423 w/ Cay Caleb & K Le Maestro
Show #423 w/ Cay Caleb & K Le Maestro Saturday, Aug 31, 2019

Cay Caleb. and K, Le Maestro takeover Soulection Radio with the UK production and sound from London and Birmingham.

Playing 71 tracks across 2 sets

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